Field Day

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  • Phil N2EU
  • Scott S KD7VBS
  • Ray Novak N9JA
  • David W7CF
  • Wayne K7ETW
  • Bart AE7SJ
  • Will KI4VXF
  • Paul from Icom
  • Scott H N7SS
  • Peter K4PNG
  • Tim KK7TM


  • Stanwood May
  • Linuxfest April Saturday and Sunday
  • May 15-16th Dayton, Ohio

FIELD DAY Action Items – June 27/28

Ask club about whether we want an information booth. If so, we need a tent.  YES or NO?  A: NO

Ask club about what actions we want to take with digital things, modes, technology, etc.  MAKE A LIST

  • HAMWAN possibility;  Bart has a canopy
  • D-STAR Android demo
  • D-STAR demo / uplink

Identify what our club will bring. Update website with that information. MAKE A LIST

*NEW* Need MicroHAMS to volunteer to support FD stations and/or Youth Activities

Follow up with email to club and link to website.

Ray Novak, Icom

  • D-STAR – Android for Icom 5100 with camera
    • Serial over Bluetooth
    • OPC-2350 cable; special USB cable
  • Can control ID-51A 50th Anniversary with the Android device
  • Students working on an Android app for 5100


Sainsonic AP-510 – WA7NWP – APRS Beacon

Available on Amazon too





K3LR Quaqdcopter


Icom @ Dayton – Thursday Livestream

Contest University

Antenna Forum

Youth Forum

Amateur Logic TV Live

D-STAR Info Con





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