Dues payment - PayPal

MicroHAMS club membership dues

Before paying dues, please check that you satisfy the club’s membership policy. Paying your membership dues via PayPal is preferable over sending in a check via snail mail. Note that you do NOT need a paypal account to make your payment, your credit card will work even without account.

You can pay for a single year or for 3 years at a time (and get a price break). Family/spouse membership is only available as 3 year membership.

Membership type

It is important you provide your callsign when submitting your payment. Otherwise we won’t necessarily know who to credit for the payment.

The paypal “Pay Now” button will take you to the paypal site; MicroHAMS will NOT see nor store any of your payment information. For questions or concerns, please contact the Microhams Treasurer W7CF via Microhams @ microhams.com).

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