Membership Policy

Club Membership Policy

Membership in MicroHAMS is limited to current and former Microsoft employees, contractors, interns, or joint venture partners worldwide.  Typically, we require that prospective members have had Microsoft corporate ID badges issued to them. You do not have to be a licensed amateur radio operator to be a member of MicroHAMS, and guests are welcome at most meetings and events.  Dues are payable no later than thirty days after signing up.

The following dues schedule applies:
One Year – $5.00
Three Years – $10.00

Current club members preferably pay dues via our paypal payment page.

If paypal is not an option for you, please send your dues checks to:
PO Box 6925
Bellevue, WA 98008-6925

So where do the club dues go?  Here’s a list of just some of the things that we spend the money on:

  • “Thank You” gifts for our guest speakers.
  • Training materials for people who want to become licensed hams.
  • Various club events like Field Day.
  • Tools library (test equipment, etc.)
  • Reference library (books)

If you’d like to find our more information about MicroHAMS then please send an email to MicroHAMS.  To join the club, please attend a general meeting or send e-mail to the board of directors at Microhams @

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