News from May 2024 BoD meeting

As usual, the board met (via Zoom) on the first Tuesday of the month and took care of some mundane administrative stuff including starting some new processes that will provide more backup in case something happens to one of the key board members.  Our finances are good, and we're looking at how best to make it easy for members to renew your dues.

Potentially more interesting was that we lined up some engaging speakers for the future.  This fall we'll have Tom Sykes, NU7J speaking about his experience as part of the H44WA Guadacanal, Solomon Islands DXpedition.  We also have Mike Lewis, K7MDL talking about desgning and building several important station components for VHF operation for the May meeting, and Ion Todirel, W7ION, talking about using Docker, and Linux to build a self healing (nearly) worry free APRS gateway in June.  As always, we welcome any suggestions for speakers or presentations, especially if youve' got an "in" with the speaker.

We also discussed our original Field Day plan (we had approached BEARONS to have a joint field day) that seems to have gone nowhere, and what we can do instead.  It looks like we will indeed be doing something for Field Day 2024, but the location and station details are still up in the air at this time.  We'll absolutely update you when we know more, which we expect to be in the next few days.

And as always, if you have any questions or ideas your Board of Directors wants to hear from you!

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