MicroHAMS Digital Conference 2014 Speaker List

We are about 45 days out from the conference and the speaker list is almost finalized. Five of the six slots are confirmed as of right now and I’m working to finalize the last slot. With the normal warnings that things are subject to change, here is the current speaker list and titles of their talks. I’ll post the full descriptions in the next couple weeks.

73, Kenny



Bryan Hoyer, K7UDR UDRX-440 and Web Based Technologies
David Jenni, W7CF and Dennis Harding, K7DEN MicroHAMS Digital Rotator Control Project
Bart Kus, AE7SJ How to integrate HamWAN into your home network
Jeremy McDermond, NH6Z Porting OpenHPSDR to a Altera SoC board
John Petrich, W7FU Ham Friendly Digital Signal Processing

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