Final agenda for MicroHAMS Digital Conference 2014 posted...

I posted the final agenda for the conference this morning. This includes the speakers, times and full descriptions of all the talks. Below is the abbreviated list, the full list is available on the MicroHAMS site.

73, Kenny, KU7M




8:30AM Kenny Richards, KU7M Introductions and kick-off the conference
9:00AM John Petrich, W7FU Ham Friendly Digital Signal Processing
10:00AM Jeremy McDermond, NH6Z Sisyphus: OpenHPSDR on an Altera Cyclone V SoC
11:00AM David Jenni, W7CF & Dennis Harding, K7DEN HAM Projects in the 21st Century – How to get started in open source software and hardware.
12:00PM Lunch Food will be provided on site.
1:00PM Bryan Hoyer, K7UDR & John Hays, K7VE NW Digital Update on the UDRX
3:00PM Bart Kus, AE7SJ How to integrate HamWAN into your home network
4:00PM Ian Procyk, VE7HHS The British Columbia Wireless Amateur Radio Network (what it is, what is isn’t)

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