MicroHAMS Club Meeting Tuesday, October 15th at 6:00 PM

Location: Building 35/4561  Map:  https://www.bing.com/search?q=microsoft+building+35


  • Ham Help
  • Discussion January field trip as well as ideas about other places of interest to amateur radio operators
  • Program: Mike Mraz, N6MZ: QSLing for Dummies, Everything you ever wanted to know about QSLing but didn’t know to ask!

Mike Mraz N6MZ will cover the ins and outs of QSLing and in particular, how to make sure you get that card from that rare DX you just worked as well as some best practices for your own outgoing QSL cards.

Mike is no stranger to QSLing.  He’s got more than 400 countries confirmed under the DXCC program, and Mike has been the DX on more than a few occasions.  Only a few hams worldwide have matched that level of on the air accomplishment and needless to say, Mike knows what it takes to be successful in insuring you receive that card you so richly deserve.

We will also discuss the details of the January field trip to the Telecommunication Museum in Seattle.

Ham Help

If you don’t know everything about amateur radio yet, that’s OK. As a club, we have a broad spectrum of interests and experiences. Please feel free to ask questions during this segment. This is also the time and place to share your amateur radio discoveries and experiences, no matter what they are.  If you’ve run across something interesting that you think might help other hams, no matter the topic, consider taking 3-5 minute to share it with others during our “Ham Help” segment!

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