MicroHAMS Club Meeting >> Tuesday, November 19th at 6:00 PM

Location: Building 35/4801  Map:  https://www.bing.com/search?q=microsoft+building+35

Heads-up to all: we got bumped from our Club Meeting room for Tue 11/19, for this month only, we’ll be in the same bldg, same floor, but different room: 35/4801


  • Ham Help
  • Program: Miguel Mayorga, KC7IGT : Amateur Satellites for everyone!, Getting started, growing your station, not breaking the bank!

This month’s program is presented by Miguel Mayorga, KC7IGT.  Miguel will show you “How to work our amateur satellites” covering which satellites are easy to get started on, what the minimum equipment is and how to not break the bank while getting on the air and having fun on a new mode.

Miguel is no stranger to satellite operation and has been operating through these amazing machines for many years.  Having started with a simple station and progressively added capabilities through they years, he’s gained a great deal of experience on a range of birds.  He has the experience to show you how to get started with a minimum of effort and equipment and what to do when you’re looking for “the next thing”.  Needless to say, Miguel knows what it takes to be successful in making contacts and having success with amateur satellites.

Our December meeting will be a Christmas dinner get together, with details forthcoming.

Ham Help

If you don’t know everything about amateur radio yet, that’s OK. As a club, we have a broad spectrum of interests and experiences. Please feel free to ask questions during this segment. This is also the time and place to share your amateur radio discoveries and experiences, no matter what they are.  If you’ve run across something interesting that you think might help other hams, no matter the topic, consider taking 3-5 minute to share it with others during our “Ham Help” segment!

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