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MicroHAMS Club Meeting Notes 4/15/2014
Tuesday, April 15, 2014 – 5:10 PM


  • Phil, N2EU
  • Tim, KK7TM
  • Wayne, KE7WTW
  • Don, KC7YZW
  • Peter, K4PNG
  • Scott S., KD7VBS

Hamfests / Activities

  • Boy Scouts Radio and Electronics Merit Badge Workshop and FCC License Test on April 26th
  • at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Rose Hill, 7720 126th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA
  • Need VEs for the FCC license tests.
  • Need HAMs to be there and talk with youth who are getting on the air for their first time.
  • Contact: Dave Wickert (dave.wickert@microsoft.com)

Antenna Rotator Project
Please tell Tim Myers (timmyers@microsoft.com) if you are interested in participating. Cost is estimated at $75 excluding the actual rotor. We need to get a headcount now.

MHDC Post Mortem

  • Security: Securitas security is available at no extra cost; just ask in advance.
  • AV: Meet with AV technician the day before to assure setup procedures are known to work.
  • Food – we got exactly the right count this time. Good job!
  • Dr. Smith from UW might be good for next year.
  • NW Digital Radio was interesting, but nothing new this time.
  • The Canadian presentation was very professional.

Board Re-Alignment

  • President – Phil Moscinski N2EU
  • Vice President – Dennis Harding K7DEN
  • Field Day – Scott Honaker N7SS
  • Webmaster & MHDC – Kenny Richards KU7M
  • Treasurer – David Jenni W7CF
  • Librarian – Scott Slack KD7VBS
  • Secretary – Tim Myers KK7TM

Next MicroHAMS Meeting at Icom’s new facility on Willows Road

  • We’re planning on this — keep your eye on your email!
  • Don’t panic; we’ll send a Bing map.

Early discussion Re: Field Day

  • We have two more meetings then it’s show time.

Ham Help

  • What’s a good outdoor 2 M and 70 cm antenna?
    • Diamond X6000A tri-band vertical
    • Universal Radio has it for $210
    • Mount on ridge line of roof with a tripod
  • Bosch smart security camera
  • Q: How do I make it work without being plugged into Windows Server 2008?


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