Notes from MicroHAMS Meeting 3/15/2016


Phil N2EU

Mike Mraz N6MZ

Dennis T. W7PF




Michael Schulz K5TRI


Wayne KE7WTW

David J. W7CF

Javier KG7ELE

Peter K4PNG

Scott H. N7SS

Dennis H. K7DEN

Terence KE7SFF



HAMfests, see:

MHDC – this Saturday! You must already be registered in advance. Sold out. No ticket sales at the door.

Cascadia Rising (Civilian) and related Government and Military exercises – June 2016

Comm Academy – April 9 and 10

Redmond Shelter Exercise at a church April 4 and 5; prep for Cascadia Rising

Visalia, California International DX Convention April 17-19


Election of Board of Directors


Re-nominate the current board except for two people:

— Scott Slack

— Dennis H.



Final planning

See Action Items below


HAM Help

      • MicroHAMS antenna rotator project
      • Phil will build a prototype based on sample board(s)


Action Items

Tim: membership dues drive ASAP note: must be  1 year $5.00  3 years $10.00


MHDC Tasks

Phil: Email requesting nominations

Javier: send attendees spreadsheet to Tim

N7SS: send speakers to Tim

Mike Mraz: help registration / badges

Tim: run registration / badges desk

Tim: give David receipt for 2 copies of Office 2016

Dennis: will send Tim the instructions and template and last year’s data for mail merge to Word.

Tim: buy badge kit

Tim: print badges

Tim: find spool of tickets

Dennis: bring backup spool of tickets

Scott H.: do Costco run for goodies

Phil: call Subway a couple days before

Phil: pickup Subway sandwiches at noon

Steve Stroh: coffee, get started 1 hour before opening – 7:00 AM

Scott: call Canyons restaurant for reservation

Tim: bring 2 copies of Office

Dennis: buy Lenovo $99 Windows 10 stick computer

Dennis: bring 2 cameras

Tim and David: be there with MSFT badges by 7:00 AM

Scott: Roundtable Pizza reservation Saturday evening

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