MicroHAMS Digital Conference - Update 2

The final speaker for the conference has been posted, Phil Horkin-AF7GY will be speaking about using line of sight (LOS) for MIMO applications. Here is a quicks summary of his talk:

As a brief explanation of the topic, Line of Sight (LOS) MIMO is rather new technology that uses multiple antennas on both the transmitter and receiver, much like conventional (Non-Line of Sight MIMO), but operates in the absence of multipath. Because of this distinction, there are constraints on how this technology may be used, requiring careful placement of both transmitting and receiving antennas, but where it is applicable, may be used to double or triple the link throughput without a linear increase in aggregate transmit power.

LOS MIMO has its greatest applicability to high data rate systems, either for fixed wireless, or with one node moving. While this will have somewhat limited applicability to amateur radio, our thought has been that this is an example of a digital system employing SDR and radio communications technology that many amateurs may find interesting.

73, Kenny-KU7M

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