MicroHAMS Digital Conference 2020

The MicroHAMS Digital conference was held on May 9th, 2020 as a virtual / streamed only event. For the full history of how MHDC 2020 became an online event, here is the background.

The event had several technical challenges in the morning, but the onsite crew continued to work through the hurdles and eventually were able to stream all the planned talks. (A huge thank you to all the speakers and especially the Winlink guys who came to try their talk again after we completely messed it up in the morning)

Because of all the technical challenges, the original stream isn’t planned to be released. But all the individual talks have been moved to the new MicroHAMS channel on YouTube

If you would still like to donate to help cover the production and streaming costs, please use the link below.

More information about the stream and conference details will be posted later this week.



Speaker Bio’s

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