MicroHAMS Digital Conference 2019

The conference was held on March 23rd in building 83 on the Microsoft main campus in Redmond, WA.

  • Date: March 23, 2019
  • Door Prizes donated by the ARRL, PNW DMR and MicroHAMs
  • YouTube Live Stream
  • This is the second year the conference was streamed live via YouTube and most of the technical challenges of last year had been resolved.
  • During Rod (KC7AAD) talk, we didn’t get his microphone turned on for the first 10 minutes, so it is a little tough to hear him.
  • The biggest issue was during Anna’s (NH6Z) talk. When she switched to the Ubuntu laptop to demo GNU Radio, we were unable to sync the video. The quick hack was pointing the camera at the screen in the room, which had the scrolling lines.
  • Here is the link to the entire stream.
  • It is over eight and half hours long
  • MicroHAMS would like to thank all the speakers and people who attended, without you the conference wouldn’t happen. THANK YOU!

de KU7M

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