MicroHAMS Digital Conference 2016

Event Details

  • Date: March 19, 2016
  • Door Prizes Donated by the ARRL and MicroHAMs
  • Live Stream Link
  • MHDC 2016 Flyer (Includes time of event and location details)
  • Sessions included
  • Alex Schwarz-VE7DXW is going to talk about his work on the MSDR Radio Software
  • Bryan Hoyer-K7UDR will be providing an update on the UDRx data radio and plans to be demo’ing a production prototype. (NOTE on Bryan’s talk)
  • Ward Silver-N0AX (contributing editor to QST) will be speaking about the future of ham radio and digital communication.
  • Casey Halverson-KC7IBT and Morgan Redfield KG7OGM will talk about developing the HamShield and the Kickstarter process to produce it.
  • Phil Horkin-AF7GY will present a talk on using Line of Sight MIMO, which leverages multiple antennas on both TX and RX to see double or triple normal link throughput.
  • John Petrich-W7FU: Recent advances in SDR technology make it possible to build VHF / UHF / Microwave transceivers that offer high performance and simplify system implementation. These SDRs operate directly at frequency.  Up converters are not needed.  The hardware is affordable.  The software is open source and suited to ham builders. The presentation includes a detailed description of the SDR project, RF performance measures, and a real time demonstration of the SDR operation.

We are very happy to have the help of Budd-WB7FHC again this year. Budd is editing and publishing the video’s of the 2015 talks on his YouTube channel.

Demo Video

Quick interview video with Jeremy-NH6Z about the NWDigitalRadio products being demo’d during the conference.


Ham Radio – Now What? by Ward-N0AX

Presentation: WardSilver_Ham Radio–Now What – 2016 /  Video

MSDR Radio Software by Alex Schwarz-VE7DXW

Presentation: Slides BiLIF- MDSR and SA1-3Mar2016 /  Video (coming soon)

Hamshield by Morgan Redfield-KG7OGM & Casey-KC7IBT

Presentation: Slides HamShield_MHDC /  Video

NW Digital Radio Update by Bryan Hoyer-K7UDR

Presentation: Slides NWDigitalRadio_MicroHAMS2016 /  Video (coming soon)

Homebrew HF-UHF 100W SDR by John Petrich-W7FU

Presentation: Slides UHF SDR Transceiver /  Video (coming soon)

Line of Sight MIMO by Phil Horkin-AF7GY

Presentation: Slides Line of Sight (LOS) MIMO v2 /  Video (coming soon)

NOTE: The individual videos will probably be posted roughly 60 days after the conference.

Here is the agenda for the day:

Time Speaker Presentation
8:45 Scott N7SS Introductions
9:00 Ward Silver Ham Radio – Now What?
10:00 Alex Schwarz MSDR Radio Software
11:00 Casey Halverson/Morgan Redfield Hamshield Kickstarter
12:00 Lunch
1:30 Bryan Hoyer NW Digital Radio UDRX
2:30 Break
2:45 John Petrich Homebrew HF-UHF 100W SDR
3:45 Break
4:00 Phil Horkin Line of Sight MIMO
5:00 Scott N7SS Wrap-up and raffle
5:30 End – Pizza at Round Table

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