MicroHAMS Digital Conference 2013

Event Details

  • Date: March 23, 2013
  • Door Prizes Donated by the ARRL and MicroHAMs
  • Sessions included
    • HamWAN
    • Stupid Raspberry Pi Tricks
    • Refactoring for Innovation in Radio
    • Its the Information Rate! and UDR56k Intro
    • URR-56k – Software
    • NW-MESH


Introduction to HamWAN by Bart-AE7SJ

Presentation: Webpage   /  No video available

Stupid Raspberry Pi Tricks by Jeremy-NH6Z

Presentation: PDF /  No video available

Federation and Refactoring for Innovation in Radio by Ward-K9OX

Presentation: PDF  / No Video Available

Introduction to UDR56k Hardware by Bryan-K7UDR

Presentation: PDF / No Video Available

Introduction to UDR56k Software by John-K7VE

Presentation: PDF  /   No Video Available

NW-MESH by Brian-KY9K

Presentation: PDF  /  No Video Available

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