MicroHAMS Digital Conference 2007

Event Details

  • Date: February 24, 2007
  • Door Prizes Donated by Icom and MicroHAMs
  • Sessions included
  • Beginning APRS Presentation
  • 9600 APRS Network
  • Introduction to the D-Star system and demos
  • New Amateur Technology NSLU2
  • Current State of Software Defined Radios


Introduction to APRS by Herb-KB7UVC

Presentation: PDF   /  No video available

Western Washington 9.6k UHF APRS System by Kim-AC7YY

Presentation: PDF / Link to Video

Developing Information Services for APRS with DigiNed and Microsoft Visual Studio by Larry-N7BCP

Presentation: PDF / Link to Video

SDR and Amateur Radio by Lyle-KK7P

Presentation: PDF / Link to Video

WJST/Meteor Scatter or Doing FUN stuff with ARGO and SPECTRAN by Bob-K7OFT

Presentation: No Presentation Available   /   Link to Video

Introduction to D-Star by Scott-N7SS

Presentation: PDF /  Link to Video

Presentation: PDF /  Link to Video

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