MicroHAMS Club Meeting Notes 11/18/2014


Phil N2EO

Scott Slack KD7VBS

Kenny KU7M


Wayne K7ETW

Peter K4PNG

Scott Honaker N7SS

Dave Gaines KG7LGS


Michael Baseman KF7DLZ

Michael Gray, AJ6E

Brad Snow, N1QEW

Larry Viesse, W7PAN

Javier, KG7ELE

Joshua, K7JSH


Speaker: Kenny KU7M

MicroHAMS Digital Conference 2015 – Saturday, March 21st

  • Conference Topics
    • Weather balloon guy from Tacoma
    • 1200 baud protocol analysis guy from San Luis Obispo
    • Phil will reach out to a surface-mount expert
    • Yaesu technical (not sales) info about their digital VHF/UHF
  • Three Big Pillars:
    1. Speakers
    2. Registration
      • Advertising
      • Taking money
    3. Food
      • Might use some vendor other than Subway this year.
  • Kenny has been 50% cloned so far in terms of the support required to run the conference.
  • He is open to new topics and speakers. If anyone has ideas, tell: Kenny -at- ku7m.net
  • Areas where help is wanted:
    • Registration Help
    • PR Assistance
    • AV Help (Javier)
  • How about a half day before/after for building a kit?
    • Small SDR receiver
    • WSPR “whisper”
  • Brad Snow will find info about the Building 27 Maker Garage
    • What could we do there?
    • How many people could it support?
  • Do we want to think big and invite highly-relevant vendors?
    • If so, they need to be vetted. We don’t want belt buckles and food storage.

Scott N7SS

New ID-51A data cable OPC-2350LU for Android

You can run an Android emulator “Andy” on Windows. (Huge) download from: http://Andyroid.net

Free Icom app lets you program the phone.

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