MicroHAMs Club Meeting, April 16th 6:00pm

Location: Building 35/4561  Map:  https://www.bing.com/search?q=microsoft+building+35


  • Presentation: I2CDriver from Excamera and I2C debugging
  • Ham Help
  • Introducing the new board of directors

Have you ever wanted to find a simple way to connect a couple of sensors or other devices to your Arduino or other micro without using up all the pins?  Or, have you ever had a tough time sorting out why your sensors aren’t working the way they were supposed to?  Or do you might want to find an easy way to look at the real performance of a new device you just purchased on Amazon?


You’re in luck!  At the next MicroHams meeting, Grant Hopper, KB7WSD will cover some information about the two wire I2C bus, I2C design, and debugging, focusing specifically on using the new and inexpensive I2CDriver device from Excamera.  There will be a discussion and some demonstrations as well as an opportunity to examine the I2CDriver board.

Ham Help

If you don’t know everything about amateur radio yet, that’s OK. As a club, we have a broad spectrum of interests and experiences. Please feel free to ask questions at this part of the meeting. With 20 hams, there’s bound to be 40 different answers!



146.58 MHz FM simplex will be monitored for anyone who needs help finding the site or for access to the building. (Monitoring is done with handhelds, so range is limited.)


SECURITY NOTE: Anyone who does not have their own Microsoft badge for unescorted access to Microsoft buildings MUST be escorted into Building 35 and conference room 4561 by a badged MicroHAMS member. Do NOT under any circumstances attempt to “tag” onto or “tailgate” Microsoft employees entering the building. Please congregate about five – ten minutes before the meeting outside the lobby entrance on the south side of the building.  If you have a Microsoft badge, please check outside the front entrance for other club members who need to be escorted.


MicroHAMS meetings are open to club members, those interested in joining the club (see club membership policy at http://www.microhams.com), and guests of club members.  Others may also attend a club meeting by sending email to the club at least seven days prior to the meeting. Space for guests is limited.



Grant Hopper


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