MHDC 2020 update - Online only event this year

This has been a crazy year! Over the last several years we have had increasing difficulty securing space for the Microhams Digital Conference on the Microsoft campus. This year we decided to simply find a new space. It took quite a while to find a venue that met all our criteria but it did require changing the date to May 9, 2020. We signed the contract and paid our deposit.

We are very excited about the new venue. It’s new with plenty of space for presentations and demos and the late spring date should be very nice with a park-like setting and great indoor and outdoor spaces.

Then came social distancing. We created a plan to downsize the on-site attendance and stream the presentations which we have done with reasonable success in the past. Then large gatherings were banned and ham radio events were cancelled. It’s clear it will be impossible to meet in person.
We refuse to give up! We are determined to provide an event to the amateur community, especially when few other events can proceed. We may not be able to get together in person but you can join us live on the internet as we stream the conference for you.

Since we cannot hold our conference in-person, we are refunding ticket holders this year and requesting a donation from participants to cover our additional costs.

Those donating will have an opportunity to provide suggestions to drive content next year and will be given an opportunity to register early. We rolled our venue deposit to next year and already secured April 24, 2021 for next year’s conference so mark this date on your calendar.

Viewing information for the conference will be posted to the MHDC webpage shortly at

Please join us on Saturday May 9, 2020 online AND next year again, Saturday April 24, 2021 in person!

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