K7UDR Quote

During one of the after hour discussions at the TAPR-DCC 2015, Bryan Hoyer was asked about speaking at the MicroHAMS Digital Conference this year. There has been a running discussion about this years conference and whether Bryan should speak if the UDR-440 isn’t actually shipping yet. We love having Bryan speak, his talks are always entertaining and informative, but many of us would also like the UDR to be shipping.

When asked whether the UDR-440 would be shipping by the MHDC 2016, Bryan said, “EITHER we will be showing off the UDRX-440 (it’s actually shipping) OR I’ll be lighting myself on fire.”

To which Scott-N7SS (chairman for this years MHDC) stated, “Either way, it will be entertaining.”  And the decision was made to let Bryan speak this year.

Plans are being made to accommodated Bryan, in which ever presentation he decides to give. I am planning to live stream the talk via some social-media solution regardless.  Stay tuned!

Kenny, KU7M

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