Digital Media

Item Media Cost Memo
Toshiba 640GB Green USB Hard Drive HD $110 w/ soft case and USB to Mini USB Cable
QST View 1915 – 1999 CD-ROM $480
ARRL Periodicals – QST / QEX / NCJ 1995 – 2009 CD-ROM $315
Communications Quarterly Magazine 1990-1999 CD-ROM $30
QRP Quarterly Magazine 1979-1994 CD-ROM $30
Antenna Modeling Tools and Information CD-ROM unknown
ARRL 2000 Handbook on CD (Version 4.0) CD-ROM $40 broken jewel case
ARRL 2006 Handbook on CD (Version 10.0) CD-ROM came with print edition
ARRL Antenna Book 21st Edition on CD CD-ROM came with print edition
Pacific Northwest VHF Society Proceedings 2004 CD-ROM

Print media

Title Author Published Memo
APRS Moving Hams on Radio and the Internet Stan Horzepa WA1LOU 2004
Low Power Communication: The Art and Science of QRP 2nd Ed. Richard Arland K7SZ 2004
Managing Interstation Interference – Coaxial Stubs and Filters George Cutsogeorge W2VJN 2003
Understanding, Building, and Using Baluns and Ununs Jerry Sevick W2FMI 2003
Radio Frequency Interference: How to Find it and Fix It Ed Hare KA1CV and Robert Schetgen KU7G 1996
ON4UN’s Low-Band Dxing John Devoldere ON4UN 2002
Antenna Zoning for the Radio Amateur Fred Hopengarten K1VR 2001
HF Tribander Performance: Test Methods and Results 2nd Ed. Ward Silver N0AX and Steve Morris K7LXC 1999
ARRL Handbook 1998 ARRL 1997
ARRL Handbook 2003 ARRL 2002
ARRL Handbook 2006 ARRL 2005 water damage sev=2
Antenna Book 21st Edition ARRL 2007 water damage sev=3
Antenna Book 19th Edition ARRL 2005 water damage sev=5

Equipment and Cable

Description Aquired Cost Location Memo
Hewlett Packard 8935 Series Service Monitor 2009 $1500
miniRadio Solutions MiniVNA HF VHF PC Based Antenna Analyzer 2005 $400 w/ CD and A/B USB Cable
Altelicon LMR600 Crimpers 2005 $65 P/N: HT-CRIMP600
Altelicon Crimp Set for RG-58/59, RG-8x, RG-8 & LMR400 2005 $150 Crimp Handles, 5 Die Sets (A,2N,3D,3K,3T1), 2 Coax Strippers, Cable Cutters & Screwdriver in case
Spool of co-axial cable Unknown unknown Library To Be audited
Another Spool of co-axial cable Unknown unknown Library To Be audited

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