Club Library

Club Library Overview

The new Club Library is making slow but sure progress. We created this shared resource so that club members can have access to useful books, media and tools that they might not otherwise buy themselves. Between the donations we receive from our members and the purchases we will make with club funds, our Library should prove to be a nice benefit of membership.

As new items are added to the inventory, we will send out an email to the general membership and let everyone know what has been added.

The typical check out process will be to ask the Club Librarian to bring the requested item(s) to a regular meeting. The borrowing period will typically be until the next month’s meeting. Materials or Tools on loan should always be returned to the club librarian or another board member. You should never transfer an item directly to another club member. This way we can easily keep track of where the library materials are.
Please note – While an item is checked out to you, you are responsible for the item(s). If an item(s) is lost, stolen, broken or otherwise damaged while checked out to you, you will be responsible for the repair or replacement of that item(s). An item is considered checked out to you once you take physical possession of the item(s). It is then considered checked out to you until it is returned to the club librarian or another board members possession.

If you have any questions or would like to request an item(s) for checkout, contact Scott – KD7VBS.

Library Inventory – The list of books and check-out status.

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