Wrap up of MHDC 2018

Over the next couple weeks an official MHDC2018 landing page will be put together, so we can archive all the presentations and links to the videos. As of March 25th, YouTube is still ‘processing’ the live stream, which ended up being almost nine hours long. When it is done, it will get flipped over to being publicly available and a link added from here.

Our video editor (Budd-WB7FHC) is going to work on taking the live stream and all the raw video to produce individual videos for each talk. As he gets those done, links will be made available on the MHDC2018 landing page.


MHDC 2018 – Live Stream!

The official MHDC AV team will be streaming the conference live this weekend, so people not able to attend in person can still watch. We will be using YouTube and plan on having the cameras live by 8:45am when Scott-N7SS kicks things off. I’ll be monitoring the chat room during the day, so if someone watching remotely would like to ask questions, you will still be able to.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1sWCtVzzak

I will do my best to post the slides for each talk prior to the talk starting, so you can follow along remotely.



Kenny, KU7M