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What is missing in digital ham radio?  I describe how our digital
systems should be different than conventional systems.  I propose a
list of the parts missing.  I propose general ways to improve our
digital systems interoperability.  I ask the question what have I
missed that we need in our systems.

We will learn about EXOR (extremely opportunistic routing protocol)

Marshall Denny,  AI4CM,  has a background in physics and computer
science. He is President of the Bainbridge Club, ACS area coordinator,
BI;  In ham radio for 23 years, interests in  HF Digital modes & HF
antenna design, messaging protocols.  Software Developer / High
performance,  latency optimization, Unix servers, large distributed
systems for the AT&T, Amazon and distributed military simulation for
General Dynamics, Alion, BMH, US Navy, etc.