MicroHAMS Digital Conference – Update 2

The final speaker for the conference has been posted, Phil Horkin-AF7GY will be speaking about using line of sight (LOS) for MIMO applications. Here is a quicks summary of his talk:

As a brief explanation of the topic, Line of Sight (LOS) MIMO is rather new technology that uses multiple antennas on both the transmitter and receiver, much like conventional (Non-Line of Sight MIMO), but operates in the absence of multipath. Because of this distinction, there are constraints on how this technology may be used, requiring careful placement of both transmitting and receiving antennas, but where it is applicable, may be used to double or triple the link throughput without a linear increase in aggregate transmit power.

LOS MIMO has its greatest applicability to high data rate systems, either for fixed wireless, or with one node moving. While this will have somewhat limited applicability to amateur radio, our thought has been that this is an example of a digital system employing SDR and radio communications technology that many amateurs may find interesting.

73, Kenny-KU7M

MicroHAMS January 19, 2016


Peter, K4PNG

Mike, K5TRI


Andreas, KU7T

Don H., KC7YZW

Tim, KK7TM



Scott H.




John W7FU







MicroHAMS Digital Conference coming in March 2016

Technician and General License Courses – Redmond CERT – contact Javier

Extra Class – contact Dave Wickert

SDR SIG – Tuesday, Building 27 “Garage”


Mike Mraz, N6MZ


DXpedition to Navassa Island 2015 K1N

This island was off the air for a generation. #1 most wanted country.

Mike showed us a great video of the two-week expedition.

There is a DVD available from the K1N website.

How can you get started? Gain experience on an easy DXpedition first, such as the Virgin Islands, during a holiday. You need lots of time off work, DX experience, CW experience, disposable income (around $10,000+), and you need to get on a team somehow.

MicroHAMS November 17, 2015


Phil, N2EU

Scott S., KD7VBS

Bill, WA7NWP

Don Marshall, KE7ARH

Dave W. AE7TD

John Petrich, W7FU

Peter, K4PNG

Terence Chan KE7SFF

Tim, KK7TM


Puyallup in March 2016

December MicroHAMS meeting will be dinner only with some door prizes for participants!

New SDR Group – John Petrich, W7FU

John is making a special interest group (SIG) about Software Defined Radio(SDR).

Please stay tuned for another message to MicroHAMS real soon that talks about this.

We’ll meet three times a year.

Let’s compile a list of names of MicroHAMS who would be interested.

He’s open to ideas about the location to meet.

The first group meeting will be after the holidays.

Low end SDRs (in terms of price) have been of the most interest, generally.

SDR Links and Ideas from Scott Slack, KD7VBS









SDR# (SDR sharp)


RTL-SDR 2 has better frequency stability and can be modified for lower bands.


Hobbyist’s guide to the RTL-SDR by Carl Laufer



We could have an early start session at MicroHAMS Digital Conference 2016 about getting started with SDR, say, 8:00 AM.

MicroHAMS October 20, 2015

MicroHAMS October 20, 2015


Phil N2EU

Dennis *new*

Peter K4PNG

Steven *new*

Scott S. KD7VBS

Kenny KU7M

Andrew *new*

Wayne K7ETW

Dean *new*

Amy *new*

Marc *new*

Michael AJ6E

Bart AE7SJ

Scott H. N7SS


David W7CF



Scott Slack KD7VBS is on the cover of QST!

PNW VHF meeting was last week and KD7VBS_is_FamousBill won an IC-7100!

MDSR – http://users.skynet.be/myspace/mdsr/

Hamfest near Corvallis, Oregon this weekend

Friday / Saturday Linux club – ask Scott Slack for details


Bart Kus – HAMWAN

HamWAN_logoMicroHAMS made a generous donation to HAMWAN.


HAMWAN worked for ARRL Field Day by providing internet connectivity. There was interest expressed by Mercer Island and Redmond City. If you know any contacts for either EMCOM org. please let Bart know via Tim (kk7tm@kk7tm.com) to follow up.

  • 900MHz band is declared dead because of tons of noise.
  • 1.2GHz band is being looked at for higher power.
  • 5GHz band is in use currently.

MicroHAMS September 15, 2015




Dave J

Bill Vodall WA7NWP

Scott S







Cameron KG5GHQ



Seattle Maker Fair this weekend

SEP 26 Spokane Hamfest Washington state convention

SEP 26 Scouting Radio and Electronics Merit Badge and Tech License – contact Tim KK7TM@KK7TM.com




Bill Vodall — WSPR and his Raspberry Pi-based beacon!

Weak Signal Propagation Reporter (WSPR)


Bill’s website:  http://wa7nwp.blogspot.com/

K1JT Author’s website: http://physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/K1JT/wspr.html

WSPR Network:  http://wsprnet.org/drupal/

RADWAV SKyPi-40 XCVR Bundle:  http://radwav.com/special.html


Amateur Logic episode discussing the Raspberry Pi WSPR shield


New and improved RTL-SDR available on Amazon for $20  http://amzn.to/1SLPS6F


New book: Hobbyist’s guide to the RTL-SDR by Carl Laufer  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KCDF1QI/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00KCDF1QI&linkCode=as2&tag=book0674-20&linkId=XHRIQAZC3JVLUJWM


KIO hex beam antenna:  http://www.k4kio.com/

MicroHAMS Club Meeting – January 19, 2016

MicroHAMS Club Meeting
Tuesday, January 19th at 6:00 PM

Mike Mraz, N6MZ


DXpedition to Navassa 2015
When it comes to DXpeditions, our own Mike Mraz leads the way. Come hear about his recent adventure at Navassa island.

This is an invitation to our next MicroHAMS meeting coming up Tuesday, January 19, 2015 (always the 3rdTuesday) at 6:00 PM  at Microsoft Building 35 (see this map or the picture below), Conference Room 4561. Building 35 is near the intersection of 159th Ave NE and NE 40th St on the southeast corner. Parking is available near the front of the building at ground level.


146.58 MHz simplex will be monitored for anyone who needs help finding the site or for access to the building. (Monitoring is done with handhelds, so range is limited.) Tim’s cell phone number is +1 (425) 898-3815 for those who are not yet licensed or do not have a ham radio. If you’re running late and are locked out, please call us on the radio or phone. We’ll send someone to let you in.


PLEASE NOTE: Anyone who is not currently badged for unescorted access to Microsoft buildings MUST be escorted into Building 35 and to conference room 4561 by a badged MicroHAMS member. Do NOT under any circumstances attempt to “tag” onto or “tailgate” Microsoft employees entering Building 35. Please congregate about five minutes before the meeting at the front entrance of the building, which is where the orange circle with the number 1 appears on the map picture above.


MicroHAMS meetings are open to club members, those interested in joining the club (see club membership policy at http://www.microhams.com), and guests of club members. Others may also attend a club meeting by sending email to the club at least seven days prior to the meeting. Space for guests is limited.




Tim Myers, KK7TM

MicroHAMS Secretary


MicroHAMs Dinner-Only Meeting on August 18th

Our August MicroHAMs Dinner-Only meeting will be held at the Canyons Restaurant in Redmond. We have half the back room reserved thanks to Scott Slack.

Location URL: http://canyonsrestaurant.com/locations/

We will be meeting Tuesday, August 18th at 6:00 pm. Please note that the Canyons does not (strangely) bill individually for the meal (quote “Its a hassle for the server”). We will need to pay Scott Slack back after the meal, so bring cash or a check so Scott can get paid back after the dinner. (Sorry about that everyone!) During the meal, we will shoot for an open discussion on MicroHAMs in general, taking any thoughts or suggestions for enhancing the club experience.

July 2015 Meeting Topic: EXOR

What is missing in digital ham radio?  I describe how our digital
systems should be different than conventional systems.  I propose a
list of the parts missing.  I propose general ways to improve our
digital systems interoperability.  I ask the question what have I
missed that we need in our systems.

We will learn about EXOR (extremely opportunistic routing protocol)

Marshall Denny,  AI4CM,  has a background in physics and computer
science. He is President of the Bainbridge Club, ACS area coordinator,
BI;  In ham radio for 23 years, interests in  HF Digital modes & HF
antenna design, messaging protocols.  Software Developer / High
performance,  latency optimization, Unix servers, large distributed
systems for the AT&T, Amazon and distributed military simulation for
General Dynamics, Alion, BMH, US Navy, etc.