Link to slides for MHDC 2019

Pulling together all the links for the different talks will take a couple days, but here is the draft summary for all the talks from the 2019 MHDC. All of the slide decks are available now and the table below has bookmark links to the individual talks. The entireĀ raw live stream is available now.


Video LinkSpeakerSlides
RAMROD and Ham RadioDoug Kingston, KD7DK and Randy Neals, W3RWNSlides
DRAWS - Digital Radio Amateur WorkStationBryan Hoyer, K7UDRSlides
Mobile Communication for the 21st CenturyKyle Burgess KD7IYT / Matt Benjamin, KD7KBNSlides
RMS Portable OperationLynn Burlingame, N7CFOSlides
PNW DMR cBridge & SystemsRod Ekholm, KC7AADSlides
GNU RadioAnna McDermond, NH6ZSlides
HamWAN Update Rob Salsgiver, NR3OSlides

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