MicroHAMS Meeting 4/19/2016


  • Board of Directors Election
    • Phil, N2EU
    • Scott H., N7SS
    • David J., W7CF
    • Javier, KG7ELE
    • Tim, KK7TM
  • Icom IC-7300 DEMO

Star of the Show: The Icom IC-7300


Will Jourdain is the new Icom America Amateur Sales Manager who gave the demo.

This exciting new product from Icom is no ordinary HF+ 6M transceiver. It has SDR internals, a color touch screen, waterfall & scope features, and it is priced in the entry level range.

Product Information:



HAMWAN News – Bart Kus

  • Connect Canada to the US network
  • Longest link will be from Haystack to Victoria, B.C.

HAM License Exams at MSFT on May 25th

Technician and General and Extra exams

May 25th, 4:00 PM sharp at Studio C / 3017

MHDC Feedback:

  • More and shorter talks desired




Dave W.





David J.







Ed (Icom)

Will (Icom)

Paul (Icom)

Scott H.


Dennis T.


MicroHAMS Club Meeting Invitation April 19th

MicroHAMS Club Meeting

Tuesday, April 19th at 6:00 PM

You’re invited to our next MicroHAMS meeting coming up Tuesday, April 19, 2015 (always the 3rd Tuesday) at 6:00 PM  at Microsoft Building 35, Conference Room 4561.


  • Board of Directors Election
  • Radio Mobile program
  • VHF propagation
  • Ham Help

MicroHAMS Membership

Important: In order to vote in the election, you must be a member in good standing. That means you’re current with your membership dues. (If your membership has expired or is close to expiration, you should have received a notification by email.)

Here’s the link for MicroHAMS membership dues:


You’re strongly encouraged to use PayPal instead of sending a check by snail mail.  You won’t need a PayPal account if you don’t want one; just use a credit card.

What are our club dues used for?

  • “Thank You” gifts for our guest speakers
  • Training materials for people who want to become licensed hams
  • Various club events like Field Day
  • Tools library (test equipment, etc.)
  • Reference library (books)

Meeting Site Information

Please see this map or the picture below. Building 35 is near the intersection of 159th Ave NE and NE 40th St on the southeast corner. Parking is available near the front of the building at ground level.



146.58 MHz simplex will be monitored for anyone who needs help finding the site or for access to the building. (Monitoring is done with handhelds, so range is limited.) If you’re running late and are locked out, please call us on the radio. We’ll send someone to let you in.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone who is not currently badged for unescorted access to Microsoft buildings MUST be escorted into Building 35 and to conference room 4561 by a badged MicroHAMS member. Do NOT under any circumstances attempt to “tag” onto or “tailgate” Microsoft employees entering Building 35. Please congregate about five minutes before the meeting at the front entrance of the building, which is where the orange circle with the number 1 appears on the map picture above.

MicroHAMS meetings are open to club members, those interested in joining the club (see club membership policy at http://www.microhams.com), and guests of club members. Others may also attend a club meeting by sending email to the club at least seven days prior to the meeting. Space for guests is limited.


Tim Myers, KK7TM

MicroHAMS Secretary

MHDC 2016 write up on ARRL website

The MicroHAMS Digital Conference got a nice write up on the ARRL website. While Ward-N0AX is quoted in the post, I believe he was actually the author as well. Thanks Ward to the kind words and coming out to talk!

NOTE: I will be sending off the raw video feeds to the production editor next week. Hopefully we will start seeing the individual edited talks from Budd-WB7FHC soon…


Kenny, KU7M