MicroHAMS Club Meeting Notes – February 17, 2015

2015 ARRL Field Day

We had a presentation by Michael Roessler of the Mercer Island Radio Operators (MIRO) followed by an election about what we will be doing for the 2015 ARRL Field Day June 27-28. The results are:

  1. Location: We’ll be joining forces with other groups on Mercer Island at Luther Burbank Park.
  2. Booth: We will not create a separate, dedicated MicroHAMS booth this time.
  3. MicroHAMS Field Day Czar: Tim Myers, KK7TM

Here’s the website:


And here’s a brochure that gives a good overview of this fun event:


Board of Directors Nominations Tonight

Current Board:

Phil N2EU

Kenny KU7M

Dennis K7DEN

Scott S. KD7VBS

Scott H. N7SS

David J. W7CF



Javier KG7ELE

Michael Schulz K5TRI

Board of Directors Election at Our March Meeting

Weekly activity

Mike Schulz proposed weekly breakfast meeting Saturdays or Wednesdays lunch. The combination of ham radio operators plus food is always a good social event.

Microsoft on the Air

Every Thursday at 12:30 PM

147.56 MHz Simplex

Not a formal net. Just join in and have some fun!

Antenna Rotator Project Update – David Jenni and Dennis

Dennis ordered the parts and we’ll still have hardware.

Dave created a GIThub for the software part.

See: https://github.com/microhams

Kenny KU7M – Bruce Perens’ TAPR Slides about ALGORAM


HT of the Future!

Open source CODEC is desired.

Whitebox SDR – http://radio.testa.co

Slides are available here:


MicroHAMS Digital Conference — MARCH 21st

This world-class digital ham radio conference is in its eighth year. Don’t miss it!

Register in advance online at: http://microhams.com/mhdc

Please tell your friends at other HAM clubs.

Peter K4PNG – New Low-Cost Tablets

Dell has a super-thin model.

WinBook TW700 is only $60 and comes with a real USB 3.0 port plus a small USB port for power.



Tim Myers, KK7TM



Invitation to our February 17th Club Meeting

Tuesday, February 17th at 6:00 PM


  1. Introductions
  2. Announcement and Events
  3. Vote for ARRL Field Day Location
  4. Update on Antenna Rotator Project
  5. TAPR Video(s)
  6. HAM Help

This is an invitation to our next MicroHAMS meeting coming up Tuesday, February 17, 2015 (always the 3rd Tuesday) at 6:00 PM  at Microsoft Building 35 (see this map or the picture below), Conference Room 4561. Building 35 is near the intersection of 159th Ave NE and NE 40th St on the southeast corner. Parking is available near the front of the building at ground level.

146.58 MHz simplex will be monitored for anyone who needs help finding the site or for access to the building. (Monitoring is done with handhelds, so range is limited.) Tim’s cell phone number is +1 (425) 898-3815 for those who are not yet licensed or do not have a ham radio. If you’re running late and are locked out, please call us on the radio or phone. We’ll send someone to let you in.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone who is not currently badged for unescorted access to Microsoft buildings MUST be escorted into Building 35 and to conference room 4561 by a badged MicroHAMS member. Do NOT under any circumstances attempt to “tag” onto or “tailgate” Microsoft employees entering Building 35. Please congregate about five minutes before the meeting at the front entrance of the building, which is where the orange circle with the number 1 appears on the map picture above.

MicroHAMS meetings are open to club members, those interested in joining the club (see club membership policy at http://www.microhams.com), and guests of club members. Others may also attend a club meeting by sending email to the club at least seven days prior to the meeting. Space for guests is limited.


Tim Myers, KK7TM

MicroHAMS Secretary