March 2014 Meeting Notes….

MicroHAMS club meeting notes – 3/18/2014
Tuesday, March 18, 2014
5:19 PM
Meeting Date: 3/18/2014 6:00 PM
Invitation Message

· Kenny, KU7M: MicroHAMS Digital Conference Preview
· MicroHAMS Board of Directors Election
· David Jenni, W7CF: Treasurer Report
· Scott Slack, KD7VBS: RTL Dongle Demo!
· A Realtek RTL2832U based Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Phil, N2EU
Javier, KG7ELE
Tim, KK7TM
Miguel, KC7IGT
Scott Slack, KD7VBS
Josh, K7JSH
Kenny, KU7M
Scott Honaker, N7SS
Michael, AJ6E
Dennis, K7DEN
Wayne, KE7WTW
(+1 who was late and not recorded)

· Comm Academy this Saturday
· Visalia DX Convention
· Stanwood / Yakima Hamfest
· Maker Fair at EMP this coming weekend.
· For more information about HAM events in the Pacific Northwest, see:

MHDC – Kenny, KU7M
· 87 people registered as of this afternoon
· Food purchases need to happen – Scott/Kenny will purchase
· Costco for snacks
· Subway sandwiches – Kenny will do actual order
· Need 2 or 3 helpers to get sandwiches (Phil and Scott Slack)
· Need 2 people to setup food before lunch (Tim and Miguel)
· Times people need to help:
· SECURITY – at 6 AM Tim call MSFT Global Security by 6:15 AM to unlock rooms
· SETUP 6:30 AM
· Coffee needs to start by 7 AM
· CLEANUP after conference
· Jeremy offered to stream the video live
· NW Amateur Radio session only, perhaps
· Dennis is recording to SD on two digital video cameras
· Josh – buy door prize – Microsoft Office Pro

MicroHAMS Board of Directors Election
As per the MicroHAMS constitution and by-laws, a quorum of 1/3 club members is required for an election. There were 44 paid members as of 3/18/2014 at the start of the meeting. 14 would be a quorum. 13 paid members were present in person; +1 David J. who voted remotely while out of the country; and +1 proxy vote by Kenny for his wife Rosie-KD7SLL, who is a paid member. We had 15 voters, thus making a quorum.

We voted to elect 7 of 8 nominees.
Elected officers of the board of directors are:
1. Phil Moscinski N2EU
2. Tim Myers KK7TM
3. Scott Honaker N7SS
4. Kenny Richards KU7M
5. David Jenni W7CF
6. Dennis Harding K7DEN
7. Scott Slack KD7VBS
The terms for each officer shall begin on April 1st.

Club Purchase Idea:
Phil will look into getting club polo shirts, etc. from Land’s End catalog.

Scott Slack, KD7VBS: RTL Dongle Demo!
· A Realtek RTL2832U based Software Defined Radio (SDR)
· ADSB# is a program that works with the dongle for aircraft tracking
· adsbSCOPE is a mapping program that works with ADSB#
· Here is an instructional video: <link>
· Look for other episodes related to this.
· Here is a related article: <link>
· Radio Shack has a Discone antenna that works well: <link>

Final agenda for MicroHAMS Digital Conference 2014 posted…

I posted the final agenda for the conference this morning. This includes the speakers, times and full descriptions of all the talks. Below is the abbreviated list, the full list is available on the MicroHAMS site.

73, Kenny, KU7M




8:30AM Kenny Richards, KU7M Introductions and kick-off the conference
9:00AM John Petrich, W7FU Ham Friendly Digital Signal Processing
10:00AM Jeremy McDermond, NH6Z Sisyphus: OpenHPSDR on an Altera Cyclone V SoC
11:00AM David Jenni, W7CF & Dennis Harding, K7DEN HAM Projects in the 21st Century – How to get started in open source software and hardware.
12:00PM Lunch Food will be provided on site.
1:00PM Bryan Hoyer, K7UDR & John Hays, K7VE NW Digital Update on the UDRX
3:00PM Bart Kus, AE7SJ How to integrate HamWAN into your home network
4:00PM Ian Procyk, VE7HHS The British Columbia Wireless Amateur Radio Network (what it is, what is isn’t)