MicroHAMS Digital Conference

This is the official landing page for the MicroHAMS Digital Conference.

The date of the MicroHAMS Digital Conference for 2018 is Saturday, March 24th, 2018.  We are currently working on assembling the best conference yet for our 11th year.  As details develop they will be listed here…


If you have registered for the event and cannot attend, please email pmoscinski@gmail.com to request a refund.  The deadline for refunds will March 17, 2018. 

Article for parking for the event.

Current Speaker List :

Joe Taylor– We are pleased to announce that Professor Joe Taylor, K1JT will be speaking at this year’s conference.  Joe is Professor Emeritus of Physics at Princeton, Nobel Laureate and author of the JT digital modes.

Bryan Hoyer– One of the conference’s past presenters, Bryan Hoyer K7UDR of NW Digital Radio  , will be giving a talk on “The APRS of Things” and demonstrating their newest products.

John Langner–  WB2OSZ, the author of the Direwolf sound card TNC will be speaking.

Ken Koster – N7IPB will present using SvxLink to connect a network of 220 repeaters in the Pacific Northwest. SvxLink runs on a linux computer and provides a custom dual radio interface for FM voice repeater control and linking over the Internet. Ken will provide an overview of how a mix of repeaters are connected via RFLinks and the Internet, as well as the real-time status information available via the web.

Alex Schwarz– VE7DXW the developer of the RF-Seismograph and MDSR will present the results of the RF-Noise monitoring experiment during the solar eclipse and the turbulent solar activity (including the strongest X-Ray flare in 30 years) that followed.

Guus van Dooren– PE1PLM Entrepreneur and creator of DVMEGA.  Guus will discuss the latest D-Star developments.


The Digital Conference Flyer for 2018  (PDF Format, right-click to save)<

The details, videos and slides for previous years MHDC are available below.

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